About Us



Calming Flames is a luxury self-care brand, creating handmade aromatherapy candles and wax melts made with premium wax, signature scents, and pure essential oils. Our aromatherapy products create a calm and tranquil ambiance, inducing a peaceful and serene mood for our customers. We focus on self-care, self-love, and self-growth.

We understand how busy life can get, and with all of our daily responsibilities, unfortunately, we neglect ourselves. Often times, we are so overwhelmed with the kids, our significant other, our career, and goals that we forget to take time for ourselves, which leads to crash and burn. It's called burnout. 

Our aromatherapy candles are one of the most effective means of self-care and relaxation. By burning candles infused with essential oils, you can create a therapeutic atmosphere in any room in your home or on the go to enjoy the multitude of benefits from aromatherapy. With our signature scents which have soothing properties, our aromatherapy candles provide a calming atmosphere for relaxation and self-care, helping to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Indulge yourself with this wonderful way to relax and boost your wellbeing for the self-care you deserve.

Calming Flames LLC aims to remind you that no matter how busy you are that you are a priority. Make self-care a top priority in your life so that you can recharge and come back stronger than ever, managing stress and tending to the things that matter to you the most. But first, you must be gentle with yourself. Have compassion for yourself. Take "me" time, relax, light a candle, and enjoy a calming, luxurious sensory experience with Calming Flames.  


Upgrade Your Self-Care.

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